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SEO Case Study

Local SEO Website

This client is a lawyer and they contacted us to help them generate leads in the personal injury / car accident niche. Their Goals: Generate Quality Leads Spend Less on PPC and increase organic (Free Leads) Our Strategy: On page...
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Facebook Ads, SEO, PPC

This company has an awesome brand but they are primarily in big box stores like Walmart. They did not have a big online presence before we started with them. They did have a shopify store, but it was not really...
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Lead Gen SEO Case Study

This was a client is in a construction niche and contacted us to help them rank for some high competition keywords. They are competing with very big brands and wanted to generate leads. They literally had 0 traffic. Our Strategy:...
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CBD SEO Case Study

As you probably know, CBD is a little harder niche to market for since Paid ads (Facebook and Google) limit what you can do. We had to be a little more creative with this client to be able to run...
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E-Commerce Website

This was a client that approached us in the last phase of their website development to help them with their launch and ongoing SEO. They literally had traffic but it was more informational traffic vs transactional traffic. Our Strategy: On...
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Real Estate SEO Case Study

(0 Leads to 134 leads in just 2 months) Here is how we created a campaign to go from 0 we buy houses leads to 134 leads in 2 months. If you’re not familiar with this niche – it’s a...
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